Q: How much does the ev'ie cost?
A: Prices start at £19,860. For full price lists click here.

Q: Where is the ev'ie available from?
A: You may buy the C1 ev'ie from the Electric Car Corporation on tel. 0207 495 5270 or e-mail sales@eccplc.com.

Q: Are there any options that come with the car?
A: The car is available with various specifcations. Please click here for further details. For details on other available options contact the sales department on 0207 495 5270.

Q: Is there a warranty that comes with it?
A: The car comes with a three year warranty.

Q: Where can I charge the car in London?
A: There are numerous charging points in London. Please click here to see them on a map. The C1 ev'ie may be charged from an ordinary 13 amp domestic socket.

Q: Can I test drive the car before I buy?
A: Test drives are available either from our Mayfair headquarters or we will be pleased to bring a car to your home or office anywhere in London for you to test drive.

Q: Is the car available in Mainland Europe or the United States?
A: While the C1 ev'ie is currently only available in the UK, ECC can source and supply the C1 ev'ie as a Left Hand Drive version. For further information and to request a quote please contact sales@eccplc.com or call +44 (0)207 495 5270.

Q: How much is electricity for one charge (empty to full)?
A: From a normal 13amp domestic supply it costs about 90 pence for a re-charge dependant on your electricity tariff. In addition there are many on-street and off-street charging points within London where the electricity is provided at no cost.

Q: How much will I save a year by having an ev'ie?
A: This depends on where you live and your typical car usage. Please click here for a schedule showing typical savings for someone commuting on a daily basis within London.

Q: How often will I have to replace the batteries?
A: The batteries have an expected life of 3,000 charging cycles which equates to about 7 years in normal use.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: From "empty" the batteries take around 6 or 7 hours (typically overnight) to charge fully.