You can now buy an electric car from ECC that has all the safety, performance and quality standards that the modern motorist expects. The other underlying benefits of electric motoring are significant:

  • Fuel costs equivalent of 300 miles per gallon!
  • No London congestion charge
  • No road tax
  • Free parking in many locations, click here for locations.
  • Regenerative braking. (also know as KERS - kinetic energy recovery systems) These systems are being installed on Formula 1 cars in 2009 and are standard equipment on the ev'ie. As soon as you take you foot off the accelerator surplus energy is harvested and used to re-charge the battery. This increases range and vastly increases the efficiency of the vehicle allowing our electric cars to enjoy excellent perfomance and usability at a low cost.

At night-time or in the daytime near work you simply plug your car into a standard 13 amp electric socket to fully recharge the batteries. London has over 300 charging points and ECC is working in partnership with government and car park operators to increase this. Every month new charging locations are being added. Click here to see charging locations.